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The Big Beach Event

Event description

The Big Beach Event has a fun activity/challenge for everyone who participates. We welcome you at one of our beach club or beach house locations in The Hague. Based on a registration system, the big beach event is ideal for larger groups. You can choose how the event will be organized and which activities participants can choose from. There is a 10 person minimum requirement for each activity when registering.

An active day on and around the beach, that is a big Event with “team spirit”! You can make a choice from our most successful activities. How about a GPS harbor tour and an action packed Power Kiting workshop?

Of course it is also possible to combine other activities such as:

Beach volleyball, Powerkiting, Beachvolleyball triangle, Farmers Beach Golf, Beach tennis, GPS Harbor challenge, Speedminton, Sand sculpting, Dune biking or an Eco Solex tour,

Please note that some of the activities listed above are subject to a surcharge.

Glope can also customize a Big Beach Event to meet your specific needs with a combination of different activities.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to plan your next event. We would be happy to send you a quote.

TIP! Check our Beach day events, a combination of beach and water events. Other events which are ideal for larger groups include the Be Robinson challenge or Be the Mole event.

Programm Example

  • Welcome at one of our beach locations
  • Event briefing by a Glope instructor
  • Start Big Beach Event 
  • Activity 1
  • Change over
  • Activity 2/ Beachvolleyball/ Powerkites (optional)
  • Prize giving
  • Beachbarbecue (optional)


Depending on the number of activities


The Hague Beach (Scheveningen)

Prices starting at

  • 1 activity of your choice from € 18,50 p.p.
  • 1 activity + beachvolleyball from. € 35,00 p.p.
  • 1 activity + powerkite from. € 35,00 p.p.
  • 2 activities from € 35,00 p.p.

Costs extensions

Please contact us for more options or a custom event


Year round (subject to availablity)

Offer request