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Farmers Golf on the beach

Event description

A hole in one? Nearest to the pin? It is all possible in Farmers Golf or klompengolf on the beach. Glope Events has combined the Farmers Golf with the beach in Scheveningen and has created a new event, Farmes Beach Golf. The course consists of 9 holes spread out over the beach. Using the special Farmer's golfclubs you and your team compete to complete the course in as few strokes (hits) as possible. Everyone has the same you are already starting as a pro! Having completed the 9 hole course you still have a chance to earn extra prizes on two additional holes. One for the longest drive and one for the 'neary' (closest to the hole in one hit).

Build your own course!

Design and build one or more holes yourself or in teams. Once completed the challenge begins, who can complete the course in the least possible strokes? Upon completion of the holes the team challenge begins where each team plays the course, which hole will provide the biggest challenge? For the spectators amongst us, together with the instructors you will get to vote for the best sculpted hole as jury of the day! Points and prizes are awarded for best designed, most creative and difficult hole on the course. Challenging but also a lot of fun. We will provide all the materials needed to build your own course

Programm Example

  • Event briefing and team selection
  • Optional, course design and building
  • Warming up - practise
  • Longest drive and nearest to the pin
  • Event ends with an awards ceremony 


1,5 hours


Our home base is in Scheveningen (The Hague Beach) at one of the beach clubs. Other locations are possible on request.

Prices starting at

  • Farmers Beach Golf Scheveningen 10 - 16 persons € 22.50 p.p.
  • Farmers Beach Golf Scheveningen from 16 persons or more € 19.50 p.p. 

Costs extensions

Building your own creatieve golf hole(s) including all materials  € 4,50 p.p. 


Year round subject to availability and weather.

Offer request


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