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Sand Sculpting Workshop

Event description

Discover the inner child again with this great event for young and old, groups, family or as a company outing.

The workshop Sand Sculptures is a fun activity and begins with picking the theme for the day. Each team will receive instructions and a sketch template. Together as a team the first step will be to come up with a design for the sand sculpture, real teamwork required!

After the design stage is completed we can start with the practical, building the sand sculpture.

In this workshop we will teach everyone the in's and the out's to building a good sand sculpture. The results will be judged by an "expert" panel who will award the eventual winners.

Programm Example

  • Welcome
  • Event briefing
  • Distributing materials
  • Design/sketch stage
  • Sand sculpture instructions
  • Sand sculpting
  • Last minute perfections
  • Judging and prize giving


1,5 hours


The Hague Beach / Scheveningen

Prices starting at

  • Sand Sculpting workshop 10 - 50 persons € 22,50 p.p.
  • Sand Sculpting workshop 50 - 100 persons € 20,00 p.p.
  • Sand Sculpting workshop from 100 persons  or more € 18,50 p.p.

Costs extensions

On request


Year round 7 days a week (subject to availability)

Offer request


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