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Flower Power Tour

Event description

Go back in time to the flower power age and the iconic VW T2 old-timers with this event. Take in the sights and complete the fun challenges while cruising in these nostalgic VW mini-busses.

To kick things off we will start with the flower power knowledge quiz, dig deep and start earning valuable points. Departing in teams the T2 Flower power tour can really begin. Your team has to give route instructions to the driver to get to the appointed locations. At each location there will be various fun challenges to complete.

During this tour it is not speed that counts but rather your navigation skills, ability to master challenges and quizzes that will win the day. Are you familiar with music from the 60'ties? During the music quiz your musical knowledge will be put to the test. What can your team do with a guitar and bongos...get in touch with your creative side and prepare a repertoire to be played at the last stop on the tour. The applause meter will point out the winners. For those of you less musically inclined we provide bodypaints from which you can make a living art work in the flower power theme.

The tour takes you from Scheveningen in the direction of Wassenaar. Enjoy the sights and sounds along the way as we pass the dunes, nature reserves and the villas of Wassenaar.

Are you a T2 fan but don't want to take the Flower Power tour, have a look at our other events in the T2 Oldtimer Tour.

Tip: Add a new dimension to this event with the iPad Moove Game.

The iPad Moove game is our newest interactive event and certainly not to be missed! The iPad tablet plays a central role in this event and with our unique app it will take you on an unforgettable adventure. What makes this iPad challenge different, during the event you can keep track of the other teams, their position, the challenges they have completed and the overall score of each team and adapt your strategy for the win! During the event you can chat with competing teams or you can sabotage their efforts, all by using the iPad.

Programm Example

  • Event welcome 
  • Event briefing and team selection
  • Flower Power quiz and flower lays
  • Flower Power Tour and challenges
  • Prize giving


3 hours


The Hague, The Hague Beach (Scheveningen)

Prices starting at

  • T2 Flower Power Tour 10 - 30 persons from €62,50 p.p.

Costs extensions

  • T2 Flower Power Tour from 25 persons in a fun combination program 2 x 1,5 hours from €39,50 p.p
  • T2 Flower Power Tour with the iPad Moove game surcharge € 20,00 p.p


Year round (subject to availability)

Offer request


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