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Tuk Tuk Rally

Event description

The popular TukTuk Rally combines your navigation, general knowledge and communication skills into a challenging and fun event. Since your driver does not know where to go it is up to you and your team to show him the way. Ofcourse the Tuk Tuk comes with a stereo! 

The rally point is in Scheveningen.  Using recognition points, satelitephotos, a cryptic roadmap and an assignment folder you are off to negotiate the rally course. 3 persons to each Tuk Tuk. From 33 persons or more the group will be split using a combination event. The route takes you past the beach, dunes and the luxury villas of Wassenaar. During the rally you will have to solve the special assignments given to your navigators. Extra bonus points will be awarded for correct answers. Along the route you will pass the famous Scheveningen prison and the Horse racetrack Duindigt. Hurry up though, don't forget that time also plays an important role. Will you be in the winning TukTuk?

Add an extra dimension with the Interactive IPad Moove Game!

Add an extra dimension to your Tuk Tuk Rally with our new Ipad Moove Game. Interactive challanges along the route have to solved using an Ipad. These challenges include a photo challenge, culture quiz, streetmap challange, virtual reality games and many more. It is all about fun, competition and communication. You can even hack your competitors IPad! Compete against the other teams and show how innovative you can be!

Combination program (33 persons or more)

From 33 persons or more Glope events offers a combination program. We will split the group into 2 smaller groups. While one group drives the Tuk Tuk Rally the other group can hone their skills at beach volleybal (included in the price). Halfway through the event the groups will change over. Additional events are possible for a surcharge ie. Kiting, Farmers Golf or Sand Sculpting.


Have a look at our Old Timer Flowerpower VW T2 tour.

Programm Example

  • Welcome at the event starting location
  • Briefing for the drivers with a theory and practical test
  • Briefing for the navigators with a navigation test
  • Tuk Tuk rally with assignments / combination program (optional)
  • Prize giving 


2 - 4 hours


Scheveningen (The Hague Beach), The Hague, Wassenaar

Prices starting at

  • Tuk Tuk Rally 9 -33 persons € 67,50 p.p.

Costs extensions

  • Tuk Tuk Rally in combination with the IPad Moove game € 20,00 p.p. (surcharge)
  • Tuk Tuk Rally 33 to 66 persons (in combination with optional beachvolley) € 65,00 p.p.
  • Tuk Tuk Rally in combination with Power Kiting, Farmers Golf, Sand Sculpting or Beach Volleybal competition € 85,00 p.p.
  • Tuk Tuk Rally combination from 37 or more persons on request
  • Tuk Tuk Rally with more than 27 persons driving supplemented with VW T2 oldtimer buses  € 67,50 p.p.


Year round all days of the week (subject to availability)

Offer request


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