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Escape the Pier

Description bedrijfsuitje

Are you able to escape the pier together with your team within the given time limit? During this event, teams will compete against each other to determine who will escape the pier on time.

Escape the Pier  - The Scheveningen Tsunami 2125

It is the year 2125… but time has stood still at the Pier. Over the last century, climate change has increased the sea level by up to 5 meters. Now the North sea is directly connected to the Atlantic Ocean.

Something bad is going on! There has just been an earthquake in the Atlantic ocean, a very serious earthquake. Although we don’t feel any of the tremors here the Atlantic earthquake was powerful enough to trigger a huge tsunami. It is estimated that the tsunami will reach the Dutch coast within 1,5 to 2 hours. Alarms go off and security protocols are in place. However, the pier security does not know about the Tsunami and are responding to an approaching North sea storm. They shut down the pier and close all the entrances and exits. All communications with the outside world have been disrupted. There is however one chance, one last exit and code to save your team and warn everybody about the tsunami rushing towards the Netherlands.

Each team will be provided with a bag of tools that are needed during the escape.  Within the allotted time, your team has to complete a number of challenges. The first challenge is to earn an iPad and crack the codes on the iPad. Using the built-in iPad map function you can choose which challenges to try first. You can keep track of other teams and their progress and even hack their iPad! Various challenges are spread out over the pier, some on other levels. 

There are puzzles and riddles to solve. Finding and solving each clue will bring you closer to finding the escape route. There is even a culinary pier tasting* challenge! Good teamwork is the key to finding the escape route and saving the day, has your team got what it takes?

*Tip! The culinary pier tasting challenge adds a twist to your game and you get a chance to sample some of the culinary treats on the pier.
Tip 2! How about an extra challenge on the giant Ferris wheel? 

Programm Example

  • Welcome at the restaurant op de Pier
  • Start with a welcome drink/snack (optional)
  • Event instructions - Escape the Pier
  • Team classification
  • Escape the Pier
  • Prize giving
  • Drinks (optional)
  • Dinner (optional)
Note!: Bookings for Escape the Pier are always in combination with a food arrangement (on the pier), please inquire about the options.


1,5 hours


Scheveningen - The pier

Prices starting at

Escape the Pier Scheveningen from 20 persons -  € 20,00 p.p.*

Note!: Bookings for Escape the Pier are always in combination with a food arrangement (on the pier), please inquire about the options.

Costs extensions

Pier tasting, incorporated in the game:
Pier Tasting 2 snacks and 1 drink p.p. €15,00
Pier Tasting 3 snacks and 2 drinks p.p. €22,00
Pier Tasting  6 snacks and 4 drinks p.p. €41,00
Lazy lunch  €17,50 p.p.
Lunch buffet €27,50 p.p. 
BBQ Buffet Pier Zuid €29,50 p.p.
Pier Party drink arrangement €19,50 p.p.
Giant Ferris wheel challenge €10,00 p.p


All year round (subject to availability)

Offer request


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