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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions serve only as a translation to English from the Dutch Algemene Voorwaarden (terms and conditions). At all times the Dutch Algemene Voorwaarden will supersede the English translation under the authority of Dutch law.
Note: The terms and conditions as set out below serve only as a summary of the complete terms and conditions which have been filed and approved by the Chamber of Commerce Haaglanden under K.V.K nr. 27158546


All listed prices per event are excluding Dutch VAT (%) unless otherwise stated. Listed prices cover the program/event description. All prices listed and quoted are per person unless stated otherwise. Transport to the event is not included in the listed price and will only be quoted on request by the client. All listed/published prices are subject to change.

Bookings and Dates

Some events are subject to specific booking times and or dates on which the events can be booked. Other events with no specific booking time or dates can be booked at any time subject to availability. Upon confirmation of a booking, receipt of full payment and timely registration, clients will receive all necessary documentation pertaining to the event. This documentation includes the event invitation with the event description/program and route information. Clients will receive this documentation two weeks prior to the event date. If, within 14 days of the event date, additional participants are added, they will be confirmed upon receipt of additional payment and confirmed in writing.
As some events are subject to weather conditions, the organizer of the event and/or the Venue reserves the right to make alterations to the published event program where reasonably necessary. This includes scheduling a new date for the event or offering an alternative event. These procedures are listed in the clients event documentation. In the event of overbooking extra event dates will be made available.


Where bookings have been confirmed between the Customer and the Company, the following charges will be charged for cancellations initiated by the Customer:
If less than 3 weeks’ notice prior to the Event date is given, 100% of the booking fee.
If between more than 3 and less than 6 weeks’ notice prior to the Event date, 50% of the Booking Fee.
6 weeks or more weeks notice prior to the Event date, 20% of the Booking Fee.
Cancelations in regards to the number of participants for the booked event is 12 working days prior to the event date and for groups of 12 persons or more there is a maximum cancelation of 10% of the total number of participants per event.


For all events safety is paramount. At each event there will be a relevant safety briefing based on the event activities. We reserve the right to cancel/reschedule or alter events if there are relevant safety concerns which could affect the event and or its participants. Each participant is responsible for following the safety guidelines at set out by the instructor at each event.

Insurance and Liability

Although event participants are covered by the insurance of the event organizer and or event host, we require all event participants to have adequate medical and personal liability insurance (Dutch WA-insurance and Health insurance). We also provide a cancelation insurance, please enquire with the Be Event Group for insurance details. For some events there will be an insurance surcharge for special sporting activities, this insurance will be covered by a third party.

Programs and Times

For all events we strive to meet a high standard of service and reliability. Per event differences can arise in times and formats. The published event descriptions are therefore only an indication of the complete event program. Complete event programs, descriptions and times are documented in the confirmation package which the participant will receive prior to the event.

Alternative Programs

Even though the Dutch National Weather Institute has recently reported that there are more hours of sun along the coast than in-land areas, weather can always influence an event. In case of showers we provide free ponchos for participants and our instructors won’t let the rain dampen your spirits! Most rain fronts are relatively short in duration, depending on the event and time available we can take a time-out and let the rain pass. We also have alternative events on standby incase the weather does not permit the booked event to take place. In the event of extreme weather we offer various indoor alternatives such as the Pub Quiz or Beach Club Quiz. We also offer (with surcharge depending on the event booked) Glow in the Dark Golf, Bowling or use of the indoor beach hall.
If you have concerns about the weather for your event please contact us the day before your scheduled event and we can check the forecast for you.

General impression

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