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Surf Canoeing Scheveningen

Event description

A spectacular event in the surf! These canoes are especially designed to paddle through the surf and catch the waves back to the beach. Before challenging the waves we will teach you the basic techniques of surf canoeing. If you are worried about capsizing, not being able to get out of the canoe then don't worry, these are special surf canoes, you sit on top of them rather then in them.
If there is no surf during your event we will switch to playing "canoe Polo". In this event we combine canoeing with waterpolo, a great game which is sure to get everyone enthusiastic.

Programm Example

  • Welcome
  • Wetsuits on inspection of canoes
  • Briefing and theory lesson on surf canoeing 
  • Surf canoeing / canoe Polo
  • Evaluation


2 hours


  • The Hague Beach , Scheveningen

Prices starting at

  • Groups from 10 persons € 42,00 p.p.
  • Groups from 25 persons € 33,50 p.p.
  • Groups from 40 persons 40 personen € 27,00 p.p.*
  • Groups from 50 persons € 25,50 p.p.*

Costs extensions

Does not apply


  • Spring , Summer and Autumn

Offer request


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